I’m very Thankful

bearded collie dog thanksgiving

Here in the US we are about to celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow….

This is a new holiday for my Mum, as she’s only lived in the States for 3 years, but she really likes that we all take time out to remember what we’re thankful for.

She says she’s really thankful for me as I’ve changed her life in so [Read more…]

I was Thankful For ….. TURKEY !!

Dad, are you sure I can have just a little more?  Tee Hee


In our family at Thanksgiving everyone says what they’re Thankful For – this was my Second Thanksgiving so I was all prepared.

I was going to tell them how I was so Thankful for all my Family and Friends (Doggies, Humans, even Cats – Oh, forgot they never want to be my friend!).  Anyway, that was the plan……

But when it came to my turn, all I could think of was – TURKEY!!!  Ooops – I know, it sounds really shallow, but can you [Read more…]