My First Day at High School :)

high school therapy dog visit for finals week

On Monday the Therapy Dog Organisation that I work with were invited to go to a High School in the area.

We were to spend lunchtime with the students who are taking their finals, as some of them  were feeling a bit stressed.

I volunteered in a flash, I love kids and I’d never been inside a [Read more…]

Snoopy goes back to his Day Job

Hey Snoopy, weren't you up there yesterday buddy?!

I haven’t been on any Therapy Dog visits in a few weeks now as Mum was away.

I could have gone last Friday, but Mum had just got back and she said I was looking too scruffy!!  Doh!!  I thought I looked fine….. :)

On Friday AND Saturday Mum had me on the grooming table for 1 to 2 hours each time,  getting me ship [Read more…]

Tweet Tweet Tweet

Look who we found!!  Norman wanted to say hi to us too!! :)

Being a Therapy Dog is great – you never know who you’ll get to meet – I’ve made so many new friends :)

Look who I met on my visit to one of the Nursing Homes yesterday – He was tweeting away very loudly in the [Read more…]

Where’s MY certificate? Huh?!

This is Whistler and I before we went in, he's with his Mum, he also lives with my buddy Gracie - he's a really chilled out Borzoi Dog, I really like him!! :)

In order to be a Therapy Dog I had to have an assessment from my Vet as well as have a 90 minute test by the Animal Behaviorist.  You’ve probably already read that they even had a Cat in the room to try and distract me – no easy task, huh?

So I was all excited the other day when the mail man came and delivered a package….

It had inside Pet Assisted Therapy Certificates – there were 2 of them – 1 for Mum and 1 for [Read more…]

I’m loving being a Therapy Dog :)

I'm usually pretty tired when we finish - it's hard work getting so much attention you know!!  Tee Hee

Wow!!  This week is a crazy busy week – With 3 Therapy visits this week !!

Some visits are just once a month and others are every other week, but it works out that this week is super hectic!

On Tuesday I did my first visit to a Nursing Home – there were lots more wheelchairs around and all kinds of equipment and [Read more…]

It’s rude to lick your lips when saying Hi to a Cat!!

Wanna cuddle with me Mum?

Last Friday was my first visit as a Therapy Dog – I was super excited….. we were going to visit some people in a local retirement home.

I was all groomed nicely for the [Read more…]

Sheep Herder or Therapy Dog?

And these guys are supposed to do what I tell them?

My breed were originally bred to herd Sheep and I have some buddies who are great at this.  I’ve never tried it and hadn’t even seen a Sheep until last weekend.

We were out and about doing some training for my Therapy Dog Assessment which is this coming Sunday when we found some [Read more…]

All Dressed up and Ready to Go!!

Mum, what are we waiting for - I look the part - let's go!! :)

Do you like my new vest?

I received this in the mail recently from a very kind friend who had it spare.  It’s a special Therapy Dog Training Vest.

As you may know I’m training to be a Therapy Dog and you normally have to wear a vest to go and do visits.

This vest will get me used to wearing one – it has an ‘In Traning’ badge on it, which [Read more…]

Therapy Dog Training – I passed stage one! Woohoo!!

This is me practising being a Good Boy ready for the test....

Wednesday was a big day, it was the first test in the process to become a Therapy Dog!!

We had to go for an assessment at the vets, well, I was getting assessed, Mum was just coming for the [Read more…]

Can I be a Therapy Dog?

Yay, I'm off to find out about being a Therapy Dog - and play with Gracie! :)

As some of you know I’ve wanted to be a Therapy Dog for as long as I can remember.  I love to make people smile and it would be cool to visit people who can’t get out and about so much.

Mum thought I was a little young before and then we had our hectic, fun summer, so it was kind of put to one side.

During the summer though, Mum and I met a lady and her Dog Gracie at the park and she was telling us about a local group  she’s [Read more…]