Stop! Don’t Run!

Mum - look!!  I need to go and chase him away!

I’m really miserable!

I love to run and Mum won’t let me!

If you recall, I hurt my leg a few months ago and the other day Mum caught me limping again – doh!  I tried so hard not to let her see me, but she’s got eyes in the back of her head and she caught me!

Now I’m under constant surveillance, have an appointment to see my vet later this week and worst of all, I’m not allowed to [Read more…]

I’m Not That Sick Mum!

But Mum, I feel just fine, do I really need to go to the Vets?

You guessed it, I was back at the Vets again on Monday – this time it was because I kept vomiting during the weekend – Mum did the usual withholding food, feeding bland food (didn’t know she could find anything more bland than my normal kibble – Tee Hee) and actually thought I was over it until I was sick again on [Read more…]

I swallowed a Tennis Ball!!

I even got a really cute card in the package!!  Thanks buddy - Your timing was perfect!! :)

For anyone who follows me on Twitter or Facebook you may have seen a few days ago I really wasn’t very well!!

Yep, I had to go to the Vets – I had my Mum super worried!!

So, I didn’t actually swallow a Tennis Ball, but it sure felt like it!!  My throat was the size of a Tennis Ball and it was very sore – I couldn’t eat, couldn’t bark properly (that was embarrassing!), I was short of breath and even snored when I tried [Read more…]

Would it be a Catastrophe? :)

But Mum, don't you think it would be funny just to see what would happen? :)

The other day I had to go to visit my vet for my Annual physical – I’m 2 now and I know that often means getting a shot, so let me tell you I wasn’t as keen as I used to be when I got inside.

It was great though, it turned out to be an Annual Treat Fest – and NO shots!!  Woohoo!!

I have to confess I did think about [Read more…]

Therapy Dog Training – I passed stage one! Woohoo!!

This is me practising being a Good Boy ready for the test....

Wednesday was a big day, it was the first test in the process to become a Therapy Dog!!

We had to go for an assessment at the vets, well, I was getting assessed, Mum was just coming for the [Read more…]

Lots of News…….

Let's get comfy, Bone and I may be busy for some time...... :)

The most important thing to tell you today is……….. Tah Dah!!  It’s off!!  The Cone of Shame is no longer on my head!!  We are officially separated, never to be reconciled! :)

I went to the Vets yesterday and got my stitches out and so I’m now ‘Cone Free’!!  I don’t know who’s more excited, me or Mum?  She’s so happy to have her mischievous little fun loving puppy back – I think I’ll remind her of that when I’m [Read more…]

Snoopy gets some good news and some bad news at the vets….

Where's my friend Rick?

I can’t believe it’s been 6 months since my last trip to the vets for my puppy checks and shots!! Shots, that’s not a word I like, although Rick the vet is really good at it so I hardly feel them. Still, the needle is pretty scary!  I definitely deserve all the yummy treats Rick gives me for being so brave!

Yesterday it was time to go for my booster and check up.

I noticed a clue  that the vets are also aware of some issues between dogs and cats, they have separate entrances for us…..maybe I’m not the [Read more…]