Dogs Rock, Right?! GIVEAWAY!! – Cool Bret Michaels Gear AND $$$ PetSmart Gift Cards!! What will you buy?

This is the Bandana/Ball Combo!! :)

Hey Everyone, we all know Dogs Rock, Right?!  Today I’m going to be hosting an awesome Giveaway!!

Whilst I was at Blogpaws I got to test out the new Bret Michaels Dog Gear range that PetSmart has just launched – Yay, no more Girlie stuff for me!!  Tee [Read more…]

Snoopy’s a winner!!

We're just waiting for our turn in the main ring, Dad, you'd better take my hair clip out now.....:)

As promised, I’ve finally got my video of all the fun at the Cow Palace finished, phew!!  (Had a few technical difficulties – doh!)

So, I was entered in the 9-12 month puppy class for Bearded Collies and Dad was going to show me this time.  This was his first time in the ring.  Of course, I was feeling like a veteran now as it was my third time!! (My first show was the Napa show, followed by the show in Stockton).  Unfortunately in those two shows, I was beaten into second place by my younger brother Eric, but not this time!!

Once I was as fluffed as I could possibly get, it was time to [Read more…]

The results are in………!!

I was cute enough after all!!! :)

If you recall, a couple of days ago I told you about a cutewar I’d been challenged to……..well actually, two of them, the first was already won before I realised (against Bear the Cat).  The second was a challenge from [Read more…]