We’re everywhere!

Hey Mum, there's that dog again, look he's staring at me!

I’m a Bearded Collie and we’re not the most common dog you might see when you’re out and about….

However, I’ve been seeing Beardie’s everywhere lately, come to think of it, I think one particular dog might be stalking me?!  I even saw him again last weekend whilst [Read more…]

I can’t sleep!

James(15) and Bradley(11) - This was us in the park last summer!

I’m super excited!  My human cousins from the UK will be here in no time!  They arrive on Thursday and they’re staying with us for 6 weeks!

This will be their third summer here, I love it when they come cos they love to [Read more…]

Can you give a dog too many ear rubs?

“Don’t be silly Mum, just carry on petting me please!”

Can you give a dog too many ear rubs?  Not a question I ever expected to hear!  It was followed by – Or maybe too many belly rubs?  Huh?

Mum asked me these questions yesterday as we were hanging out on the floor and she was giving me [Read more…]

Running with your dog!

And we're off!  Bet I can beat you Cosmo!  Tee Hee

A couple of weeks ago I told you about a cool project named K9 Kamp that encourages people to get fit with their dogs.

Mum and I decided to join in as we really wanted to share a little about the joy of running together.

We were also going to run longer distances during the time the event is being promoted, but not all things go to plan!  [Read more…]

Why wait for the weekend?

Paws crossed I don't bump into anything with all this hair in my eyes! :)

Sure, I know, it’s not the weekend yet!  And maybe I should wait a few more days…..

But what the heck, I feel like letting my hair down today, so I think I will!

Anyone else have those [Read more…]

Raw dog food – the debate!

"Is anyone going to ask my opinion on what I'd like to eat?"

I’ve always eaten kibble, as have all Mums’ previous dogs.  I currently eat grain-free kibble from Costco.

Mum and Dad switched me to this one a while back as I didn’t really like my previous grain-free kibble, but I always wanted to eat my buddy Cosmo’s dinner (who lives next door).

Lately though, Mum and Dad have started to wonder whether they should switch me to a raw diet?

They’ve seen a lot of talk about the [Read more…]

Cake Anyone?


Ever feel like you need an extra little boost to get you to the end of the week?

I imagine all the people and animals that were lucky enough to go to Blopaws last week are still trying to recover from it this week?

I spied some yummy cakes when I was out the other day – The only trouble was I couldn’t decide which one to have?!  Tee Hee

Which one would you [Read more…]

Intruder Alert!

"Snoop - You're just TOO funny Dude!" :)

“Hey Mum! Quick, there’s an intruder trying to sneak in through the garage!”

Haha, it was a joke it’s one of my house guests – Jane and George are both Beagles and I’ve been bugging keeping them amused whilst their family’s  [Read more…]

Complete Bed Rest Prescribed

Mum, I think I need a cup of tea now and a massage! :)

Well Dr Rick (my vet) might prescribe complete bed rest?!  You never know!

I’m off to see him as my sore leg is back again, it came back at the weekend, then it fixed itself, now I’m limping again!

This time Dr Rick’s going to sedate me and mess with exam my leg.

In the meantime, I’ve been practicing [Read more…]

A little bit of peace and quiet!

Finally, a little bit of peace and quiet! :)

Ever have a super busy day?  All you want is some peace and quiet?  You try to take a nap and keep getting disturbed?  Sometimes, I just have to go out in the garden, rest on my fluffy pillow paw and finally [Read more…]

Step away from my toys! :)

Step away from my toys!  I'm watching you Mum! :)

Am I the only one that this happens to?

I get all my toys exactly where I want them around the house, go outside for a little play and come back in to find Mum’s gathered them all up and put them in my toy box!  Doh!  Then I [Read more…]

We’re waiting…. :)

Bearded collies

Hey Mum, I’m having fun whilst you’re away helping out with Una (my brand new little human cousin) -

Dad’s doing a great job taking Cosmo and I out for walks and I’m having fun with the kids -

But we were wondering when you’re [Read more…]

Are you sick of taxes too?

bearded collie

I’m so over taxes!  Mum has been really neglecting me and instead she’s been shuffling silly pieces of paper – she says she has to for the ‘Tax Man’ – I don’t even know who this guy is, but he’s eating into my [Read more…]

Well, I can’t wrap myself in the blanket!!

bearded collie

I’ll be 3 years old in a couple of months and as long as I can remember I’ve been getting the “no doggies on the sofa” lecture……

All I can say when Dad sees this picture is, “I didn’t wrap myself in the blanket” – Not mentioning any [Read more…]

Be My Valentine

snoopy and cosmo bearded collie

If you recall a few weeks ago I was looking for the love of my life to take to the Valentines Ball.

I was blown away with how many offers I had from all you gorgeous girlies out there – but I’m [Read more…]

Want to be a little nosey?

I love what she did with my fluffy nose! :)

That’s what my buddy Molly asked me the other week – huh?  What’s going on?

I went over to her friends website to have a sniff around investigate….

It was a 30 Day Nose Challenge – Sheila Wedegis had been painting [Read more…]

Me after a Big Haircut!!

How cute is Clowie?

I’ve often, well occasionally, wondered what I’d look like if I had my long flowing locks cut!

I didn’t have to wonder any more.  I took my Mum to Petsmart the other day and we bumped into a very cute Polish Lowland SheepDog who looked like me, but with [Read more…]

One photo’s enough, isn’t it?

Mum, why are we still taking photos, I've got stuff to do you know!!  Tee Hee

You’d think Mum had enough pictures of me, right?!  Oh no, apparently not, she told me the other day, she needed some new pictures of me with my book….

So here we go, another photo shoot required….

There you go Mum, that’ll [Read more…]

Can’t you just look cute?

I'm trying really hard to just lie here looking cute!  Dum de dum….. It's kinda boring - sigh! :)

Mum loves my mischief, I know she does cos I see her trying not to laugh, as she’s photographing me.

However, sometimes she says “I’m a little busy for mischief Snoops, can’t you just lie there and look cute for a minute?”  Huh?  No mischief?  Well, I’ll [Read more…]

Who’s the winner?

Who do you think won?  Here's a clue, it wasn't Lizard!!  :)

Do you ever play Tug of War?  It’s one of my favorite games, I’m really good at it too!!  The hardest part is finding someone to play it with….

I got lucky the other night as my human sister Carly wanted to [Read more…]