Monday Mischief – Sorry, mischief strikes!


Sorry guys, a little birdie just told me the code for this weeks hop hadn’t been posted on any of the host blogs, so I got my human to sort it out!

We’re mid-house move, so I apologize for our lack of attention, however, I’m hopeful things will return to normal with the hop next week! Thanks for your [Read more…]

Monday Mischief – In response to Hawk!


First of all, I apologize for being gone so long, as you probably guessed it was my human’s fault, certainly not mine.

She wouldn’t help me with my blog as she got all busy with her Nutritional Therapy Course and now to top it off we’re moving into a new home – they think I [Read more…]

Monday Mischief – Lion chases laser!

Here I am asking to play, the laser is up on that little shelf!  I can will it into Mum's hand just by staring at it! :)

Does anyone else play laser tag?  I started playing this a few years ago when Mum and Dad came home late one night, it was wet outside and Mum wanted me to get a little exercise, I was hooked!

This game is awesome!  I worked out where the laser lives and whenever Mum and Dad came home late I would stare at the laser and then look around on the floor like I was playing the game, luckily they soon caught on what I wanted.  I considered it my reward for [Read more…]

Monday Mischief – The Tree!


I guess it’s that time of year when the big old tree makes an appearance in the living room and lots of tempting decorations adorn it and gifts with paper wrapping are placed enticingly below…..

Well, apparently not this year, I have no clue why this thing [Read more…]

Monday Mischief – Who stole the chips?

Mum recruited Dad to try and get me to confess, just as if - so no confession, Mum giggling and another victory to this Master of Mischief! :)

It’s been a while since I stole any kind of food (assuming it was actually me!), and guess who Mum immediately thought had stolen the chips, it was Dad!  I’m pretty good, hey?

Of course, she asked him if he’d eaten the chips and when he [Read more…]

Monday Mischief – OCD Dog!

I think I'll just play with it here where it's all nice and clean, I'm not taking it onto the grass!

I have a rule about keeping my toys inside as I don’t want them to get all dirty, I’m kinda OCD tidy, no I really am, I even get upset when the smallest thing is in my coat and I always like to have clean feet!

Anyway, the other day I shocked Mum and broke my own rule, it doesn’t happen very often!

I decided the pink toy could come out and [Read more…]

Monday Mischief – Scorcher!

I was trying to see the beach, but my view was obstructed!

Sorry I’ve not been around much this last 10 days, but I’ve been very busy entertaining my guests who I was telling you about last week!

The other day I took them to Carmel-by-the-Sea, to show them why it was voted one of the most Dog Friendly towns in the whole of the [Read more…]

Monday Mischief – ER operations!

I did an inventory the moment they got out of the machine!

Do you remember a few weeks ago there was a little ‘incident’ with my soldier!

Well, my human grandma saw my post and offered her excellent surgery skills to get soldier back into shape!

She hopped on a plane from England just to [Read more…]

Monday Mischief – Too Tired

Sorry Mum, I just don't have the energy to entertain you with mischief right now, I'm taking a nap!

Mum likes to make out that I’m always up to mischief, but really sometimes I just don’t have the energy!

Take the other day for example, Mum was grooming me and I fell asleep on the table, unless she gets to a knot it’s like a massage, I’d highly [Read more…]

Monday Mischief – No, I’m not a girl!

I'm not going out looking like a girl!  No way!

I consider myself a very patient dog, I let my Mum put my hair out of my face so I don’t bump into things (most of the time, unless I’m rolling around on the floor when she’s trying to do it!)

You’d think the least she could do is NOT make [Read more…]

Monday Mischief – Birthday Thief!

I quickly select a prize from the bag and run off - this is the point where Mum suddenly returned!

For some reason I only have one birthday a year, but it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like birthday gifts more than once a year, right?

It’s my little friend Charlotte’s 4th birthday, so I thought it was a great chance to do a little mischief with her gift!  Tee Hee

Mum brought home the goodies in a [Read more…]

Monday Mischief – Is Snoopy in trouble again?!

I decided to take the stuffing and play with it in my bed!

I’m always getting blamed for stuff around here.  This week was no different, this time (as most), it was for mischief!  This mischief involved stuffing, or more precisely ‘destuffing’!

I have some toys that have been with me forever and they haven’t lost a single bit of stuffing, then I have some [Read more…]

Monday Mischief – Hello Butler!

And here's a close up picture in case you couldn't see just how badly I needed a pillow!

I have a Butler, yep, I know I’m kinda privileged!  I say kinda cos sometimes my Butler (Mum) isn’t very attentive and I have to wait a while for her to notice I need something!

Take the other day, I was in the garden, staring at the door and hoping my butler would finally notice that I needed [Read more…]

Monday Mischief – Driving Miss Daisy! Maybe Not!

How come I didn't get to join in the excitement?!

Thanks for your patience last week with all my trouble I had posting.  Now I can finally share with you the mischief I was excited to tell you about and couldn’t…..

One night last week we had some very unexpected mischief/excitement!

Dad had to run an errand in the evening, he was reversing out of the drive when a wolf ran behind the car!

He stopped suddenly, opened his door and was super shocked to see the wolf jump into the car, jump right over him and settle in the passenger seat!

Dad called Mum, who was in the house with me, and asked her to come out quickly, and leave me [Read more…]

Monday Mischief – What’s going on?


This is totally not the post I was planning on sharing with you! My actual post was really good and needed pictures to explain what happened!

WordPress, however, (or maybe Mum’s computer, we really don’t know who’s to blame!) decided that it would play up and not allow any pictures to be uploaded! Doh!

Normally we never have this kind of problem, is it just us, or has [Read more…]

Monday Mischief – How to Train a Lion Cub!

First things first, it's very important how you hold the cubs, they've got very sharp claws, I find it usually best to hold them by one of their legs when in transit!

Mum thinks I’m always messing about doing nothing but mischief!

Actually, sometimes I’m doing some very important work!

Take this week for example, I’ve been very busy training my Lion Cub, no easy task, I’d like to see [Read more…]

Monday Mischief – You’re gonna blow it!


I have lots of great toys, I’m very lucky!  I’m also proud to report Mr Hedgehog is still surviving well and looks as good as new!

There’s something else I also need to tell you!  Mr Hedgehog’s been up to Mischief, yep, he’s a fast [Read more…]

Monday Mischief – Tough Mudder


Last weekend the humans started packing again, but this time they actually said I could get in the car with them too!  Woohoo!  I didn’t care where we were going, I was just happy I was going!

After a couple of hours we stopped and I was all excited when I put my nose out the door, we’d come to my breeders!  Yay!  My Dog Mum Snickers and [Read more…]

Monday Mischief – Belle’s before Bro’s!

Tee Hee - I'm gonna sprint past when Snoopy's not looking!! :)

For anyone who’s been following me for a while you’ll know my best buddy is Cosmo.  He’s a Bearded Collie who lives next door and I love him to bits!  We go out together every day, he’s my partner in [Read more…]

Monday Mischief – European Mischief!

There, caught in the act, leaving me at home and lovin' on other doggies instead!  The Cheek!

As I mentioned my humans were galavanting in Europe without me the last few weeks.  I’ve been checking out their photos and quite frankly I’m shocked at the mischief that was going [Read more…]